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2016 Sorority Formal Recruitment

Coat of ArmsSome Announcements:

  • We experienced an early problem with some credit card payments. Some of you were only charged $1 instead of $20. Thanks for letting us know, we are working on a fix and we will contact you directly.
  • The PNM Orientation is Wednesday, February 10, 2016 at 1pm at Kendall Hall Main Stage. Please arrive on time as we have a lot to cover.
  • With the large number of people involved with recruitment and the amount of planning involved, there are always some questions that come up. Specifically my office has heard a lot of concern about several variations of “disassociation” and sorority rules. I wanted to clarify this policy here so everyone can have a full understanding of what the policy is and what it is not. During the formal recruitment time, sorority chapter members have a lot of structure provided to them by the Panhellenic Council. One policy in particular states that sorority members and unaffiliated women (that’s you all) should not be talking about sororities or recruitment outside of the recruitment rounds. But that’s all it says. You SHOULD totally continue to have conversations, lunches, dinners at Eick, etc. with your roommates, lab partners, suitemates, pals, etc. about normal stuff that isn’t sorority or recruitment related. It’s that simple and that clear.
If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to reply directly to me. I’m happy to chat and clarify.